Author: Stephanie Miller

Illustrator: Jeremy Robert Cabe BabyKinz Books

Have you ever heard of Santa Claus having a baby?

The world’s jolliest man loves children so much that he devotes his life to bringing them happiness, yet he does not have a child?

Not anymore!

Inside is the story of the day Santa Claus starts preparing to retire.  Mr. & Mrs. Claus have a son, Baby Santa, who quickly takes over every aspect of Santa’s job.  Baby Santa even winds up doing a better job than his Dad!

For instance, Baby Santa is faster at delivering toys because he never gets stuck in the chimney.  He is perfect at deciding what the children would like for presents because he is still a kid himself.  Additionally, the reindeer are relieved because Baby Santa weighs a lot less!

The book concludes by asking children to help Baby Santa solve his one dilemma, fitting all those cookies into his little belly, thus inspiring children that they can make a difference in the life of another.

The Baby Santa book teaches children about the circle of life, families working together, the workplace, and solving problems.

Your children will have fun learning life lessons via the world’s newest beloved character, Baby Santa!  Get your FREE coloring pages here.

Babykinz products are affordable, yet substantial, so they can either be an everyday treat from the bookstore or a gift set from a loved one.  Especially in this hard economic time, we want families to have the choice to purchase just the hardback book or the gift set, which includes a keepsake carrying case and an 11-inch plush Baby Santa doll.

If the gift set is purchased, the doll comes with a tag, which invites children to carry the doll around with them.  While Baby Santa travels with the child, he can see what toys they already have and what their favorite activities are so that Baby Santa can be sure to make your child the perfect toys this year.

The Babykinz book series takes a new approach by utilizing the same theme (baby versions of traditional and well-known fictional characters) applied to different characters for each book.  This creates a series that touches on every major holiday without going overboard with the same set of characters like other series books.

All products have been tested and meet or exceed all safety standards. Baby Santa is intended for children of all ages!